Emiliano Mazzenga is an Italian composer for film, TV and new media from Rome currently based in Los Angeles.


He has composed and orchestrated music for an array of films, TV, web series and theatrical productions both in Italy and in the United States. Among them he scored the award-winning short movie ‘Locations’ and the ‘Minimad’ web series which reached more than 35 millions views on You Tube.


He also worked as a composer’s assistant and additional orchestrator to a number of Italian feature films and TV series including ‘Ognuno è Perfetto’ (RAI 1) and ‘La Profezia dell’ Armadillo’ (75th Venice Film Festival).


In 2019 he won the 'Premio Carlo Gargioni' First Prize in the Soundtrack category.


Emiliano studied Composition with Antonio Di Pofi (’Santa Cecilia’ Conservatory of Rome) and took classes and private lessons with many well-known Hollywood composers and orchestrators such as Conrad Pope, Joe Kraemer, John Lunn and Chris Young. 

During the Hollywood Music Workshop he had the opportunity to conduct his composition ‘It’s Time to Fly’  with a 50-piece orchestra at the Synchron Stage Vienna.

He also holds a Masters’ Degree in Saxophone at the Ottorino Respighi 

Conservatory of Latina. 


Emiliano has been recently selected to the renowned Screen Scoring 

Masters Program at the University of Southern California for the 2019-2020 academic year where he was awarded the Harry Warren Scholarship.

“Emiliano! What a composer you are! And what a composer

you will become! Looking forward to what's NEXT!”

 Orchestrator (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter)